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Greeting Cards

Greeting cards for every occassion.


Custom Work

Unique illustrations for your personal or commercial use. Custom work includes, but is not limited to; poster design, infographics, icon design, portraits, custom book illustrations, and greeting cards (of course).

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Digital Downloads

Like instant gratification? Download in seconds. Art prints, desktop wallpaper and more. 


Meet Candee


Candee has a rare combination of artistic flair, impeccable detail orientation, and a desire to understand both the vision of her clients and the value propositions that her design work will optimize. She understands the technical aspects of her craft, and where the interfaces lie to other professionals within the value chain. One to watch. She’ll soon be too expensive for most of her current target market to afford, based solely on her smarts and her skills.

Bruce Campbell BeeMCee Consulting

Candee's commitment to excellence and artistic eye will reach above and beyond original expectations, and ultimately will raise the calibre of the projects that she signs onto.

Tracy Hallam Actor at Muse Artist Management

I loved working with Candee on the poster for Somebody Squared. She is not only joyful and effervescent and a lot of fun to be around; her design skills are excellent and I loved what she made for me. I would definitely work with her again!

Alicia Novak
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