5 Love-to-Have Design Elements For Your New Business

  1. Full website completed, functioning and looking amazing! When you’re starting out, prioritize the pages that you really need/can afford, make them functional but keep it simple. As you grow, so does your website. Expect your needs to adapt. Add pages and functionality. Find a great website designer to assist you if you aren’t confident in this area. If it doesn’t work it won’t matter how good it looks.
  2. Branding. Go deep and get your branding solid. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon. It’s more than your logo; it’s integrating all your colour schemes, fonts and images across your website, social media and printed material. Branding helps you get clear and focused on why you are passionate about your business and how to communicate that to your target audience. Getting clear here will make it easier and more efficient everywhere else.
  3. Copywriting. Turn your ideas into engaging, actionable content. If you don’t notice the difference, you can be sure your readers will. Keep your words consistent with your brand across all platforms; website copy, social media posts, blog posts, sales pages and landing pages, ebooks…are a few of the areas where a good copywriter can transform your content. Check out http://seocopywriting.com/21-ways-copywriter-can-help-small-business/ for even more.
  4. Images. Now that your brand is solid you can up your game with the visuals as well. Set the tone and keep it consistent. Are you a colourful brand? Classic black and white? Minimalist illustrations? If you’re having an event or selling a product, hire someone who can really showcase your brand! It will boost your appeal, create a story with a narrative that appeals to your audience, and will give your brand credibility. For other needs, you can find high quality photos for free or paid. Here are a few places to get free (some with attribution) high quality photos: PixabayUnsplashSuperfamousPicjumboPixabayGratisographyMorgueFileFreeimages
  5. Paper. We don’t use it as much as we used to but it still matters. Whenever I get business cards from a new company for a client, I ask for paper samples. They are happy to supply these so hit them up! Check out the thickness, paper coating, options like letterpress, spot varnish and don’t forget colour! There’s something about physically holding a beautifully designed card with a great quality paper that gives your brand a solid presence. It will either impress or be forgotten. Dress your brand to impress!

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