5 Must-Have Design Elements For Your New Business

  1. Logo. When you’re starting out, this can go from a simple text option to one of the integral pieces of your branding. If you’re not ready to commit to creating an identity or if you’re squeaking by on ramen noodles, keep it simple and find a distinctive typeface that works for right now and consistently use that as your logo wordmark. If you’re ready to dig into what your company is and establish your unique branding, hire a design firm or branding professional whose work you love. Your logo will be part of your branding package, so investing the thought and time is good value.
  2. Colour. Pick 2-3 colours that you will use consistently. This will help establish your identity and provide something concrete for your audience to connect to and remember you by. A couple sites that can help you with selection, material palette and colourlovers
  3. Website. Keep it simple and use your colours and fonts you have established already. I strongly recommend either using a template or hiring a professional. A poorly designed website actively discourages visitors and few will keep trying if it’s too confusing to navigate. Depending on your skill and patience level, you can use www.squarespace.comwww.wordpress.org or muse.adobe.com.
  4. Business cards. Having something physical to hand to new contacts builds your relationship. It’s a simple thing but it adds credibility to you. You can get amazing deals these days so it doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out www.jukebox.com www.vistaprint.com and www.moo.com for monthly deals.
  5. Social media banners. Again, consistency across all platforms pays off. If you can’t afford professional help, www.canva.com is great for simple design templates that are pre-built for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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